Our Services

Financial Reporting

We are licensed in Virginia and North Carolina to provide financial statement attest services. The three levels of attest services are Compilations, Reviews and Audits. Each level of attest requires a different level of assurance from us therefore each requires a different amount of our time to “get it right” and to comply with the accounting and auditing standards promulgated by the various Federal and state regulatory bodies. We counsel our clients on the level of service which best fits their needs. We are aware of the costs involved, and we make every effort to recommend the appropriate level of service in order to minimize the expense to our clients.

Income Tax Preparation and Planning

Our income tax preparation service is the culmination of a process that begins with income tax planning.We believe that income tax planning is an on-going event that may take place many times throughout the year. It may surface by way of a question asked by our clients or it may surface by way of a phone call from us to instigate a planning discussion before the end of the year. The goal is always to minimize our clients’ tax liabilities and also to keep them not only from paying in too little during the year but also keep them from paying in too much. Our staff is qualified to prepare Federal and any state income tax returns for individuals, businesses, partnerships, LLCs, estates, trusts, and non-profit entities.

ESOP Trustee Services

When an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) is formed or when the plan considers a transaction which involves its assets, frequently a temporary independent transaction trustee is engaged in order to make decisions on behalf of the ESOP and its participants. Michael N. Mulkey has represented over fifty different ESOPs negotiating purchases, sales, refinancings and restructurings. He is experienced and knowledgeable about all facets of ESOPs and can add significant value to any ESOP transaction. His fees for serving as transactional trustee for an ESOP are generally substantially less than those charged by institutional trustees. To learn more click here: esoptrustee.com

Other Services

Because our staff of professionals has nearly 200 years of combined experience in the accounting profession, we have become experts in many things that relate to running a business. We routinely field questions from our clients regarding a myriad of business topics from bank financing questions to entity selection and payroll taxes. We advise on mergers, acquisitions and reorganizations. Our litigation support services are imaginative and creative. We assist in the sale of businesses and provide estate and gift tax planning. For our smaller clients, we even provide bookkeeping and payroll services if they have a need for those services either on a permanent basis or until they grow to the point where it makes sense for them to employ someone with those skills to do the work.