About Us

Our Firm

Our firm, Mulkey & Company, P.C., was formed in 1982 by Michael N. Mulkey, a former tax manager with the international accounting firm of Ernst & Young (formerly Ernst & Ernst). In 1982, Mr. Mulkey realized that small and medium sized businesses can be better served by smaller accounting firms which are able to operate with greater flexibility and without the high overhead costs associated with larger accounting firms. We are now a thirteen person firm which we believe nicely fills a niche that seems to be neatly tucked in between small accounting firms and regional accounting firms. We believe that the size of our firm and the expertise and experience of our professional and support staff is perfect for serving small and medium sized businesses and their owners. We are small enough to provide personal service yet experienced enough to provide quality advice.

Our Mission

At Mulkey & Company we believe that our role is not only to provide financial, accounting and tax advice but also to communicate this advice in a manner that can be understood and used by our clients to further their success. We understand that individuals vary with respect to their level of ability to grasp financial concepts, so we strive to tailor our system of communication with that in mind. Our mission is to maximize our clients’ potential and anything less than a total commitment to that goal is considered by us to be unacceptable.

Our People

Clearly business owners across the board will readily agree that skilled, capable and motivated people with positive attitudes and devotion to their Company’s mission are essential ingredients for success. Our professionals and staff are qualified, experienced, well trained and conscientious. We understand that the best ideas are useless unless they can be communicated effectively. We are focused on doing the extra things that go beyond preparing tax returns and financial statements. We make every attempt to be accessible to our clients not when it is convenient to us but when our clients have a need. We take tremendous pride in the success of our clients and that is what sets us apart from others.